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Herbal Salt Soak

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Herbal blend

This spring blend balances the citrus of dried lemon peel with bright calendula and calming passionflower. While you can enjoy this salt soak any time, we’re envisioning a Sunday morning, with a cup of tea or mimosa, light bursting through the window, filling the room with creative passion… but that’s just us.

This blend includes dried french lavender buds, dried chamomile buds, catnip, and eucalyptus leaf. Each of these herbs have many benefits on their own and combined they help you destress and focus on getting the rest your body deserves

This blend includes dried red rose petals, red raspberry leaf, hibiscus, and hyssop. Each of these herbs have many benefits on their own and combined they help you connect with your body and find deeper love and appreciation for it

A reusable glass jar filled to the brim with a blend of epsom salts and natural herbs to aid in awakening positive energy and stifling anxiety. All-natural and vegan ingredients specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

Each bottle has 2 baths worth of salt soak (or use the whole thing for one extra luxurious bath — we won't judge!)

Pour ½ of the jar of soak blend into muslin bag (included in jar!) for easy cleanup and drain protection

Steep the bag in your warm bath water and let aromas and salts soothe your body and mind

The bag can be reused for your next bath, and empty jar can be reused as storage for crystals or other healing remedies

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STORAGE: Keep in a dry, cool place.
*Disclaimer: Do not use this product if you are allergic to any of its ingredients*

SUSTAINABILITY NOTE: We source entirely eco-friendly packaging, from product labels to shipping tape, and everything in between! Your products will be protected during shipping with biodegradable packing peanuts. After unboxing, toss them in your sink or shower, turn on the water, and they’ll safely dissolve! Additional padding paper can be composted or recycled. Please reuse or recycle any jars after enjoying your products.

All of our products are 100% vegan and lovingly handcrafted in small batches, some slight variation to be expected.