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Astrology Incense

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Incense is one of our favorite ritual tools; its versatility enables its use for cleansing and purifying your space, amplifying creativity and concentration, and as an air element in your craft.

These scents were carefully and curated for each sign, imbued with intentional herbs, flowers, and profiles related to your specific astrological profile.

Each pack includes 10 hand-dipped incense sticks. Enjoy 15% off automatically when you buy 3 or more packs.

Scent notes

Aquarius: black violet, amber, and driftwood
Aries: juniper and dragon’s blood
Cancer: aloe, lilac, and sandalwood
Capricorn: rosemary, sage, and vetiver
Gemini: peppermint and smokey lavender 
Leo: chamomile and bergamot
Libra: plumeria, magnolia, and plum
Pisces: cotton and petrichor 
Sagittarius: mulled wine, saffron, and cedar wood
Scorpio: pine, tobacco, and sage
Taurus: white oak and pomegranate 
Virgo: fig and lily of the valley

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