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Chime Spell Candles

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These candles are perfect for any spell or intention you may want to set. A common tool in all witches back pocket for a little luck, love, or whatever you may need.

White: promotes serenity and peace and enhances personal strength and insight. can be used to replace any and all color you might need.
Pink: self-love, romance, warmth, joy, friendship, and happiness
Red: encourages love, sex, luck, creativity, and passion
Orange: encourages your ambition, helps networking, and brings joy
Yellow: intelligence, focus, confidence, mental clarity
Green: helps bring your ideas to life and amplifies prosperity

Light Blue: sleep, protection, and psychic energy
Dark Blueemotional healing, creativity, harmony, peace of mind
Purple: boosts your spiritual energy and creativity.
Black: protection, unhexing/uncrossing yourself

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